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There is one type of international education that by-passes national boundaries, that is open to all and that welcomes students from all over the world ­ distance learning gives options that no other form of study can offer and is providing millions of students from all over the world with limitless possibilities.

Distance learning offers the best of international education with the opportunity to continue your career from home, avoid loss of earnings and disruption to your family life, as well as providing a highly economic means of achieving top level qualifications. It is increasingly the preferred option for many international students who want to improve their qualifications but who are unable to relocate to another country, with all the disruption and expense that this implies.

The advent of the Internet has hugely increased the scope of distance learning and students can now work from home in conjunction with live on-line tutorials with the college.

The range of qualifications available through distance learning is virtually unlimited, giving the student the chance to study up to the level they require, either for their careers or for personal development. Most courses are made up of modules which students take either as independent units or as part of an overall qualification such as a certificate, diploma or degree. This gives enormous flexibility so far as completion times are concerned, enabling the student to adapt their study programme to their work and financial commitments. Where there is a time limit on completing a course, the allowance is usually very generous.

For the professional, distance learning offers the opportunity to upgrade existing qualifications and increase specific knowledge bases without taking time out from work. For those studying for personal interest, there is the opportunity to select the modules that most interest you.

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